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Leaving a Legacy with Propane Buses, Part 3

The Air Remains Cleaner

Propane school buses have a clean emissions profile that remains for its lifetime. The fuel’s natural pollution lowering characteristics help a school district lessen its carbon footprint. Buses fueled by propane emit fewer greenhouse gases, total hydrocarbon emissions and nitrogen oxides (NOx), and virtually eliminate particulate matter when compared to conventional diesel-powered buses. Propane naturally doesn’t emit strong-smelling fumes, allowing for a more pleasant ride for both passengers and drivers.

Equipped with a Ford engine and ROUSH CleanTech fuel system, the Bird Propane Vision bus is 90 percent cleaner than the EPA’s current emissions standard. It takes 10 Blue Bird Vision Propane buses to emit as much NOx as one clean-diesel bus.

“Over the past 15 years, Boston has been implementing a number of mandates for reducing tailpipe emissions through its “Greening Boston Public Schools” program. The propane bus purchase fits with our mission to choose vehicles with the highest efficiency and the lowest environmental emissions,” said Peter Crossan, fleet and compliance manager for Boston Public Schools, on how propane buses are changing the district’s future.

At Blue Bird Bus Sales of Virginia, we can assist you with the planning and implementation of your district's transition to alternate fuels. We have created partnerships with fuel suppliers to offer grants, incentives and infrastructure improvements that you may want to take advantage of.

Give us a call at 804-544-2282 and we will be more than happy to start or join in on the conversation!

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