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Blue Bird Micro Bird G5 Electric

Blue Bird Micro Bird G5 Electric

With a capacity of up to 30 passengers and up to five rows of seating, as well as multiple powertrain options available, the Micro Bird G5 is a great choice for your fleet. The Micro Bird G5 is available in Gasoline, Propane and Electric fuel types on a variety of chassis options.

Safety 1st

At Blue Bird, safety is our top priority. All Micro Bird buses are reinforced by heavy-gauge steel side-impact barriers that incorporate with the seat rail for extra protection. Integrated child seats and three-point lap and shoulder seat belts are available for enhanced safety and versatility. A “more view” window and fully glassed entry door maximize the driver’s view of students entering and exiting.

We build safety into the Micro Bird, from the one-piece galvanized steel roof bows to superior LED external lights. Double-leaf wheelchair doors protect both sides of the G5’s optional lift and provide superior door strength.

The Micro Bird G5 Electric’s quiet operation lowers driver distraction and increases the driver’s ability to hear passengers and ambient noise.


At Blue Bird, we pay attention to the details that deliver performance, reliability and durability. Aluminum side-body panels create a bus that’s inexpensive to repair and built to last. Superior insulation throughout the bus absorbs road noise and helps prevent condensation and corrosion.

The Micro Bird G5’s wide body design creates a large aisle for improved compartmentalization, easy passenger movement and increased knee clearance. An HD package is available for harsh driving conditions.

Among the long list of options are air conditioning, electronic sleeping children monitoring system, wheelchair lift, vandal lock system and audio / public address systems.

For the Micro Bird G5 Electric, we partnered with ADOMANI and Efficient Drivetrains, Inc. (EDI). Leading-edge electric drivetrain system and technology allow the bus to meet zero-emissions standards while providing dependable operation.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Blue Bird understands that budget is a key factor in bus choice. Calculating total cost of ownership (TCO) allows decision-makers to select vehicles with confidence. Initial purchase price, fuel costs, maintenance costs and projected lifespan all impact TCO. Micro Bird buses are built with the best-quality materials to reduce maintenance costs and save money in the long run.

With zero emissions, the Micro Bird G5 Electric offers the cleanest drivetrain on the market. The electric bus has no transmission, resulting in low maintenance and service requirements. The gasoline, propane and electric models require no costly diesel after-treatment systems to meet Environmental Protection Agency requirements. And, the cleaner-operating fuels translate to cleaner parts and longer engine life. With the added bonus of federal and local rebates and incentives for alternative fuels like electric and propane, districts are saving up to thousands of dollars per bus annually on fuel costs.

Because we value customer satisfaction, all Micro Bird bus bodies come with a 5-year limited warranty.

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