Micro Bird G5 Electric Powered School Bus

Micro Bird G5 Electric Powered School Bus

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With a capacity of up to 30 passengers and up to five rows of seating, as well as multiple powertrain options available, the Micro Bird G5 is a great choice for your fleet. The Micro Bird G5 is available in Gasoline, Propane and Electric fuel types on a variety of chassis options.

Electric makes cents.

When purchasing a bus, one should consider the total cost it will take to maintain and fuel the vehicle throughout its lifetime. Blue Bird's Vision and All American RE Electric buses cut costs on fuel and have less moving parts, reducing maintenance costs.

  • No Engine Oil Changes
  • No Engine Air Filter Change
  • No Smog Check/Testing
  • No Spark or Glow Plug, or Coil Replacements
  • No Transmission Maintenance
  • Brake Pad Change Intervals are Longer
  • Fewer Coolant Changes Needed


Financial assistance from grants and your local power company can help you add electric buses to your fleet; not to mention, the long-term maintenance cost savings will give you a great return on your total cost of ownership.


Our electric buses are exceptionally quiet, giving drivers the ability to better hear passenger compartment noises, and concentrate on the road ahead.


Blue Bird’s Electric school buses produce zero emissions, ensuring an even healthier environment for our children and our planet.


Our electric buses are no exception to Blue Bird's standard safety features and testing, conforming to all tests performed on our other bus offerings.


V2G creates opportunities for energy companies to "buy back" stored energy that the buses are holding after a charge as well as charge at off-peak times when power is less expensive.

With a typical Level 2 (AC) charger, Blue Bird Electric buses can charge in approximately 8 hours. With the new fast-charging option, which utilizes CCS1 plug, our buses can charge in approximately 3 hours!