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Whiff! Complete System

Whiff! Complete System

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The most powerful system to safely hygienically clean and remove all odors in any space, even in the air…

The Whiff! System has been developed through research conducted at the University of Florida for the Department of Defense. The Whiff! System by ReliOx is currently under review by the EPA as a hard surface antimicrobial and List N addition. The Whiff! Systems is believed by ReliOx to be the safest way to unlock the power of chlorine dioxide for the transportation industry.

  • Chlorine Dioxide:
    • Safe to hygienically clean most surfaces
    • Currently used in food processing and water treatment facilities
    • Great coverage – it is a gas and gets in all areas we typically can’t reach with a towel
    • Non-persistent – leaves zero residue
    • Environmentally friendly
  • Safe
    • No PPE Required to operate equipment
    • No mixing of chemicals
    • No harsh odors
  • Economical & Fast
    • Maximum effectiveness with the least amount of product needed
    • Treat a 40ft school bus in two minutes at the cost of $3 Treat 1000sf in five minutes at the cost of $10 or less  
  • Easy to Use
    • Make chlorine dioxide fresh on-demand as needed
    • No advanced training required – intuitive design
    • Simple - One-button operation
    • Flexible…each unit can support multiple dispensing devices
    • Use ReliOx Hi-Performance Fogger or sprayer to dispense chlorine dioxide
    • No wiping down necessary - simply fog and go
  • Multi-purpose
    • Treat vehicles between shifts, before & after scheduled maintenance, and before Pre-delivery
    • Treat office, shop facilities, classrooms, locker rooms