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Leaving a Legacy with Propane Buses, Part 2

The Savings Continue

School districts are seeing savings of up to 37 cents per mile by operating propane buses. These savings make for an attractive total cost of ownership for your current budget. More than 850 school districts across the nation are saving, on average, $3,000 per bus each year on fuel and maintenance costs by operating on propane. Many districts are showing even more savings.

These savings come from the low cost of the fuel itself, as well as the reduced time and money involved with maintaining propane buses. Propane buses don’t need the after-treatment systems that diesel buses require. They operate with less oil (due to smaller sump capacity) than diesel because they run cleaner, producing fewer combustion byproducts than the oil would normally need to combat. Propane buses save time for your mechanics due to the simplified emissions system, no DEF, and no fuel-robbing regens. School districts report cost savings with every preventative maintenance service. Plus, with no cold-start issues, the alternatively fueled buses warm up quickly, saving both time and money on equipment and staff.

For fueling, most school districts work with a local propane provider to install a propane fueling station on-site, often at low- or no-cost with a fuel contract.

At Blue Bird Bus Sales of Virginia, we can assist you with the planning and implementation of your district's transition to alternate fuels. We have created partnerships with fuel suppliers to offer grants, incentives and infrastructure improvements that you may want to take advantage of. So give us a call at 804-544-2282 and we will be more than happy to start or join in on the conversation!

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