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Blue Bird CX2

Blue Bird Micro Bird CX2-Series


Whether it’s stop-and-go in the city, or long trips on the highway – the Blue Bird CX2 is ready for the task. Blue Bird crafts buses that are built to endure the job you’ve assigned to it, while providing exclusive features that directly enhance safety and durability for increased overall value. Plus, this bus features three different fuel types – Diesel, Gasoline, and Propane Autogas– making the Blue Bird CX2 a versatile product line that is sure to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


  • Multiple fuel options available – Diesel, Gasoline and Propane
  • Max Visibility
  • Increased Passenger Comfort
  • Built to Last Structure
  • Reduced Operating and Maintenance Costs
  • Enhanced Safety
  • Superior Insulation and Quietness
  • Proven Body Design
  • Ergonomic Drivers Cockpit
  • Bonded Windows
  • Tilted Panoramic Windows
  • Fuel Tank Location
  • Zero Maintenance Fasteners
  • Reliable Body Electrical



    Blue Bird Micro Bird CX2-Series SPED Bus

    The CT-Series delivers exceptional safety and stability, making this bus an excellent choice for your special needs applications. This bus is ready to be equipped with a variety of options to suit the needs of any passenger.

      • Smooth operating, ADA-compliant wheelchair lifts from suppliers including Braun and Ricon are available for any of Blue Bird’s buses.
      • Our optional kneeling system allows the bus to lower the front passenger entry area for easier entry and exiting of passengers.
      • Our Slide N’Click and floor pocket anchorages offer safe and secure transport for special needs passengers.


      Capacity Up to 48 passengers
      Exterior length Varies by wheelbase
      Exterior width 96”
      Overall height 121″-128”
      Interior width 90 3/4”
      Interior height 77”
      Wheelbase 169”/ 189”/ 217”/ 238”/ 252”/ 273”/ 280”
      Aisle Width Varies by floorplan
      Skirt Length 16 1/4″, 19 3/4″, 25 3/4″
      Front Overhang 45″ with standard steel bumper
      Rear Overhang Varies by body length/wheelbase
      Entrance Door 27″ Wide x 78″ High/double electric outward opening
      Rear Door 37″ Wide x 52″ High
      Exterior Mirrors Manual, optional heated remote operated
      Flooring 5/8″ Plywood subflooring optional
      Tire Size 11R22.5 (G) all-position radials
      GVWR Up to 33,000 lbs


      Diesel Powertrain Specifications

      Engine Cummins B6.7 200-260 hp
      Cummins V5.0 220 hp

      Allison 2500 – 5 speed automatic;
      Allison 3000 – 5 speed automatic;
      Eaton Procision – 7 speed automatic

      Fuel Tank Standard 60-gallon, optional 100-gallon located between frame rails in rear overhang; 45-gallon for 169″ Wheelbase


      Propane Powertrain Specifications

      Engine Ford 6.8L with ROUSH CleanTech Liquid Propane Autogas Fuel System, 320 hp
      Transmission Ford 6R140 – 6 speed automatic
      Fuel Tank Standard (usable) 67-gallon, optional 93-gallon located between frame rails in rear overhang, 47-gallon for 169″ wheelbase


      Gasoline Powertrain Specifications

      Engine Ford three-valve 6.8L V10 Gasoline, 320 hp
      Transmission Ford 6R140 – 6 speed automatic
      Fuel Tank Standard 60-gallon, optional 100-gallon located between frame rails in rear overhang

      S-SERIES  &  SS-Series

      FORD – GM

      Exterior length overall 248″ – 254″
      Exterior width overall 86″
      Exterior height overall 110″
      Interior width at hip 82″
      Interior height at center line 74″
      Wheelbase 138″ / 139
      Engine 6,8L Gas / 4,8L – 6,0L Gas
      Transmission 6-speed AOD
      GVWR 10,050# – 10,100#
      Fuel tank 40g – 33g


      • Multiple Paint Colors Available
      • Advanced Seating Options
      • Destination Sign
      • Backup Camera in Rearview Mirror
      • Overhead Racks
      • Electronic Options Including:
        • Wi-Fi
        • Reading Lights
        • Soft Touch Sensors
        • Video System
        • Surveillance Cameras
        • And much more!


      The Blue Bird CX2 Propane features the proven Ford/ROUSH CleanTech powertrain. Blue Bird has produced over 10,000 propane buses, making this an easy, reliable choice for your alternative fuel needs.

        • The performance of the engine relies on the transmission it works with. This is why Blue Bird has chosen to pair the Ford 6.8L engine with the proven 6R140 Ford transmission. This transmission was designed for the Ford 6.8L engine in order to deliver the best ratio of power and fuel economy.
        • Blue Bird’s propane-powered buses have traveled over 57,000,000 miles – enough miles to go around the world over 2,300 times! Our buses can go the distance, and are built to last through the rigorous years of passenger transport they endure.
        • The Blue Bird CX2 Propane is available in all wheelbases, from 169” to 280”. We also offer three tanks sizes to suit your needs: 50 gallons for short wheelbases, 70-gallon standard, and 100-gallon extended range.
        • Infrastructure is one of the major obstacles when it comes to going alt-fuels. Fortunately, propane gives you many options for infrastructure, and how to make it affordable. Wet-fueling (on-site fueling) options are available, as well as traditional infrastructure needs with on-site tanks and fueling stations. Many propane providers will work with your company to roll-in the cost of the infrastructure with your price-per-gallon of fuel, among other financing options that make it very feasible to add propane to your existing fleet.


      A variety of seat plans and configurations are available, including track seating and special needs options, offering our customers optimal flexibility to meet specific passenger needs.