The Leader in Alternative Fuels School Buses - Electric, Propane, Gas and CNG

Blue Bird Vision Gas

Built to give you instant savings from the start - and down the road. This bus does not require thousands of dollars of additional equipment to run clean, and costs less to maintain. A low up front cost, reduction in parts and greater availability of gasoline mechanics makes it easier and less expensive to maintain your fleet with the Blue Bird Vision Gasoline bus.

The Vision Gas bus features:

  • Exceptional driver-forward visibility
  • Unique mirror systems - improving driver awareness and increasing child safety
  • Our Vision Gasoline buses do not require a large amount of additional parts to run clean, and produces only 0.05 NOx of emissions. Because the bus doesn’t require thousands of dollars of additional equipment to run cleanly, maintenance costs are also lower over time.
  • As with newer passenger vehicles, the in-tank fuel pump is electronically controlled to deliver only the amount of fuel required by the engine; no fuel is returned from the engine to the fuel storage tank. The fuel lines are isolated from static electricity and made from a low vapor permeable material to comply with Environmental Protection Agency emissions standards. As with all liquid-fueled Blue Bird buses, our gasoline fuel system has been tested to comply with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for fuel system integrity.

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 Capacity Up to 83 Entrance Door 27" Wide x 78" High/ Double electric outward opening (optional), Manual Door (standard)
Exterior Width 96" Rear Door 37.5" Wide x 52" High
Interior Width 90-3/4" Transmission Ford 6R140 - 6 speed automatic
Aisle Width Varies by floor plan Engine Ford 6.8L with Gasoline Fuel System; Torque: 460 lb-ft @ 3,000 RPM, 320 hp
Skirt Length 16 1/4", 19 3/4", 25 3/4" Interior Height 77"
Alternator 210, 240, 270 and 320 amps with 12 volts
Overall Height 122" - 128" excluding roof options
Brakes 4-wheel hydraulic disc brakes with 4-channel antilock brake system; Air drum and air disc brakes available Suspension Soft ride front leaf spring suspension (Rating varies by capacity); Two-stage steel leaf rear spring suspension system (Rating varies by capacity); Air suspension available
Wheelbase 189"/217"/238"/252"/273"/280" Steering Tilt & telescoping steering column
Overhang 45" front overhang with standard steel bumper. Rear overhang varies by body length/wheelbase Front Axle Front axle (Rating varies by capacity)
Fuel Capacity Standard 60-gallon, optional 100-gallon located between frame rails in rear overhang Battery Capacity 2 group 31 batteries, each battery rated at 12v, 700CCA & 185 minutes of reserve capacity
Rear Axle Rear axle with hypoid, single reduction gears with broad range of ratios available to optimize powertrain performance (Rating varies by capacity) Wheel Cut 50 Degrees
Tire Size 11R22.5 (G) all-position radials GVWR Up to 33,000 lbs.