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2021 KISR Pro Cutaway E-Series

Elkhart Cutaway ES Van

The KSIR Pro Cutaway Bus is rated as the quietest, best riding bus of all the buses in the E-series category. This is due to our custom, hand built construction featuring Galvaneal steel exclusively including the body cage, subfloor, roof trusses, and even the step wells. Thicker Frameless windows and R4.5 density block insulation in the walls effectively block out road noise while keeping the passengers cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
The optional Sumo front springs and rear springs provide excellent stability in cross winds, reduces body lean in cornering and exit ramps. It also greatly reduces "nose dive" during heavy braking.
The "Draft Free" rear A/C unit is mounted in the front bulkhead, and directs air down the ceiling to ensure an even flow of cold air throughout the bus eliminating drafts on the forward passengers. All the A/C components are mounted behind an attractive padded panel; only the vents are visible. Inside this enclosure the evaporator is surrounded by heavy insulation which increases the efficiency of the A/C and also quiets the noise of the A/C unit.

Standard Features

  • All Galvaneal steel throughout including steps.
  • Full body white paint with clear coat at N/C. Other colors available for a modest up-charge
  • Seamless full height Fiberglass Walls ; no separate skirt panels
  • Frameless Windows
  • Front and Rear Caps
  • One-piece fiberglass roof
  • Upgraded alternator
  • Power window and door locks
  • Altro flooring
  • HB Ford OEM Driver and Copilot seats in gray cloth
  • Ford E-350 or E-450 Chassis
  • LED Interior and Exterior lights
  • 78 inch Interior headroom
  • R4.5 Sidewall Insulation
  • Draft-Free Rear A/C

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